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Germanwings crash aftermath: we can still trust our pilots

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On Tuesday the headlines were filled with the news that a Germanwings plane carrying 150 people had crashed into the Alps, killing all on board. Immediately the question was raised: why did this plane suddenly descend so rapidly after reaching its cruising altitude? Commentators suggested that it could only have been … Read More

The 5 most cringe-worthy ways to encourage women into science

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Here is a list that is one of those “you have to laugh or you’ll cry” type of things. A countdown of five ways encouraging (or discouraging as the case may be) women into science. 5. Girl’s science toys First of all the question has to be asked whether there … Read More

Destructing science’s glass ceiling: The article that shouldn’t have to exist

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A simple Google search for ‘women and science’ brings up a plethora of web sites aiming to encourage women in the subject. But weirdly, when I see this, I get an uneasy feeling. I am a woman in science, I should be glad these organisations exist. I start asking myself … Read More

Fracking frack the frack off, you frackers

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David Cameron has got a fight on his hands. It is no secret that he avidly supports fracking in the UK and has even said he will risk party politics to make sure fracking happens. The most recent push saw Cameron’s government renege on agreements for environmental protections, enforced by … Read More

Technology and Terrorism: Is our cyber world safe from prying eyes?

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Computers and the internet have become so ingrained in our lives that many of us have become ambivalent to the security threat that surround this technology. To many, security is that annoying pop-up that appears at the bottom of your  screen, reminding you that you haven’t renewed your anti-virus software. … Read More

Philae and Rosetta: Deciphering the language of the solar system

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Two weeks ago an amazing feat of space exploration took place. Comet 67P/Churyumar-Gerasimenko received its first visitor from earth, 514 million km away, in the shape of a washing machine sized lander called Philae. The European Space Agency seemed to deliver the impossible; getting a spacecraft to a comet 4km … Read More

MDMA, EDM and the love/hate affair

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EDM (electronic dance music) and MDMA (ecstasy) are so intrinsically linked in their evolution that a CBS reporter recently confused the two. MDMA was originally synthesised in Germany in 1912 with the aim of creating an appetite suppressant. But it wasn’t until 1976 that the drug reappeared when Alexander Shulgin … Read More

Climate change consequences: the weird and the worrying

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Hotter summers, melting icecaps and more extreme weather are the symptoms of climate change that we are used to hearing about. However, there are a whole range of weird impacts that are likely to result from climate change. The following lists some of these, a lot of which will affect … Read More

Lego dumps Shell: the Greenpeace campaign that doesn’t stack up

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Last week, news that Lego is to end its relationship with Shell caused quite a stir. Initially this seemed like a major victory against Shell drilling in the Arctic. But when you start to dig under the surface this starts to look like a pretty hollow campaign. Promotion of these … Read More

Leeds Light Night – LightTAG: when science and art collide

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If you’re looking for some ‘light’ relief after the first week of lectures then Leeds Light Night is for you. Every year the city centre is illuminated with a mix of theatre, film, dance, music and exhibitions. Leeds plays host to the UK’s largest Light Night, stemming from Nuit Blanche … Read More