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Has Anything Changed For The LGBT Community Since Matt Shepard’s Murder in 1998?

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To be openly part of the LGBTQ+ community is to exist politically. Attempts at invalidating, shaming, and ending the lives of LGBTQ+ people for existing openly in the world are no less prevalent than they were in 1998 when Matthew Shepard was beaten into a coma, tied to a fence, … Read More

Opposite-Sex Couples Are Not The Victims In This Civil Partnership Ruling

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This week, the UK government announced that opposite-sex couples will be allowed to obtain a civil partnership. Civil partnerships were not only reserved for same-sex couples prior to the same-sex marriage ruling in 2013 but created for them as an alternative to marriage. The legislation follows a June Supreme Court … Read More

Gay Couple Accuse Leeds Bar Of Homophobia

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Jake’s Bar & Still Room on Call Lane, Leeds, has been accused of homophobic behaviour after two gay men were refused entry. Patrick Hannon, 30, and Jake Archer, 25, who are both from Newcastle, tried to visit the bar on the 24th March at about 10pm. Bouncers at the bar, … Read More

Leeds rallies against homophobia in Chechnya

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Leeds students organise rally to protest against the persecution of LGBTQ+ in Chechnya, after claims over a hundred gay men have been placed into concentration camps. A rally against the homophobic abuse and discrimination faced by LGBTQ individuals in Chechnya took place outside Leeds Town Hall on Saturday. The event, … Read More

LURUFC Players Banned After ‘Inappropriate’ Social Media Activity

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Three members of Leeds University Union’s Rugby Union Club have been handed a one week ban from matches and social events for ‘inappropriate’ behaviour on social media, with one of these members found to be responsible for publishing tweets of an offensive nature on the club’s official Twitter account. Tweets … Read More

“That’s so gay”: we need to tackle homophobia in schools

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When I was in primary school, “That’s so gay” used to echo around the playground as frequently as the dreaded cries of: “Tig, your it!” and “Bulldog!” For my peers and me, “gay” was a part of our vocabulary from a young age.Oblivious to its real meaning until secondary school, … Read More

Comment | Thoughts on Sochi

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Last Sunday, snowboarder Jenny Jones made history by winning the first British medal at a Winter Olympics. However, the Sochi games this winter haven’t only got people talking about sport, but the wider issue of gay rights in Russia, and rightfully so. Despite being de-criminalised in 1993, 2013 saw the … Read More

Comment | An end to LAD culture

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Lad culture is a club promoter asking young men to explain the details of how they intend to “violate a fresher tonight”. The crude misogyny that characterises it so conclusively courses through the response: ‘she’s gonna get raped’. Lad culture warns young women that ‘there are cages’ inside the club. … Read More

News | Cleric's visit cancelled following homophobic rant

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The Islamic society has been forced to cancel a talk at the University by a Muslim cleric who has been labelled homophobic. Mufti Ismail Menk, who was scheduled to give a talk at the University on November 11, described same sex acts as “filthy” and “wrong” and has been recorded … Read More

‘That’s what she said’: ‘lad culture’ on our campus

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In March 2013 the NUS issued a report called ‘That’s what she said: women’s experiences of ‘lad culture’ in higher education’. Based on interviews with 40 female students, it was prompted by the NUS Hidden Marks research report, which found that one in seven female students had experienced serious physical … Read More