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Hong Kong’s Housing Crisis: Could ‘Tube Homes’ Be A Solution?

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Imagine life inside a concrete water pipe, complete with all the mod-cons of a cozy home and plenty of natural light to boot. Are these tube homes the answer to Hong Kong's housing problem? https://t.co/HNR0Y7k99I via @CNNStyle pic.twitter.com/9jmjmPoHRo — CNN International (@cnni) January 24, 2018 Eight years. That’s how long … Read More

Why Hong Kong?

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In Leeds, I found that whenever someone asked me where I was spending my year abroad, they expected me to say Australia, Canada, America, or sometimes even New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their expression after I said I was going to Hong Kong. It was nice to surprise them … Read More

One country, two systems?

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Protests have fired up again in central Hong Kong after Beijing delved into Hong Kong’s politics too far for some locals’ liking. This is the latest upset in a stream of unrest since the 2014 Yellow Umbrella Movement. The protests this week were sparked by Beijing’s decision to bar two … Read More

Reflections on the Hong Kong protests

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The events in Hong Kong are set to become a historic moment, as the people of the region do something which has proven deadly in the past – protest against the moves of the Chinese government. Some sources are already comparing recent events to the build-up of the tragic 1989 … Read More

The Digest: 3/10/14

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Breaking down the stories that matter RAF bombs Islamic State Britain has launched air strikes on IS following Parliament’s decision to take action against the group last week. The MoD reported a heavy weapons post and a vehicle with a mounted machine gun were destroyed in the attacks on Tuesday. … Read More

UPDATED: Students stage Union protest in solidarity with Hong Kong Occupiers

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Dozens of students stood in protest on the Union courtyard this afternoon in solidarity with the pro-democracy protests currently taking place in Hong Kong. The action started at 1pm and coincided with China’s national day, and saw a crowd of students stand in line holding umbrellas and displaying large banners. … Read More

TV | Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure – An aesthetic delight for eyes and ears alike

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This series sees the return of the Hairy Biker duo, Dave Myers and Si King, as they explore the culinary delights of Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and South Korea. The array of settings is nothing short of sensational, ranging from mountain tops to forest groves, heaving markets to coastal Edens. … Read More