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Pick Your Poison

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Lifestyle and Culture Editors, Jade Verbick  and Bella Davis, spent a lunchtime getting tipsy on Hotel Chocolat’s new collection of Halloween cocktail chocolates with a shot of liquor. The Gryphon’s Editor-in-Chief Reece Parker even got in on the action. Black Cat Martini I have to say the name was not … Read More

Gastronaut: Bean to Bar at Hotel Chocolat

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If you’re a fan of chocolate – and who isn’t? – you’re probably aware of the recent claims of a worldwide cocoa shortage. Despite what you may think, or hope, it isn’t just scaremongering; the threat of a cocoa shortage is real. It’s been attributed to a number of causes, … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – Roast + Conch – So much more than a wonka-esque experience

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One could be forgiven for imagining that a restaurant opened by Hotel Chocolat is going to be a Wonka-esque conglomeration of chocolate into every meal. Though Roast + Conch are keen to stress that you’re not going to find chocolate soup, chocolate spag bol, followed by more chocolate for dessert on … Read More