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Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards is Collapsing

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Amid new sexual assault allegations, Netflix has announced the cancellation of the Emmy-nominated House of Cards. The political drama will end after its sixth season which is set to air in 2018. Netflix have further announced that they will not be releasing the film Gore, starring and produced by Spacey. … Read More

Love the Art but Hating the Artist?

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In light of the recent allegations of predatory sexual behaviour made against Kevin Spacey, amongst the many issues that have arisen is the question of: Is it ok for fans to still enjoy Spacey’s work in House of Cards? Sadly, the revelation that a ‘Great Artist’ is in fact an … Read More

Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017

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It seems that the TV Gods have blessed us with some action-packed new arrivals coming to our screens throughout 2017. With the honourable mention going to ‘The Young Pope’ and ‘Scandal’, I have whittled this list down to the top 10 TV-Shows to watch out for this year. 10 – … Read More

A falling House of Cards: Season 4 review

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With the American elections in the spotlight, Netflix could not have picked a more appropriate time to release the fourth season of their original series, House of Cards, with all thirteen episodes were premiered online on March 4th. The series is centred on Kevin Spacey’s fictitious character, democrat Frank Underwood, … Read More

TV | Five reasons everyone should watch House of Cards

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1) Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood Monstrously ambitious and cruel, Kevin Spacey surpasses himself as Frank Underwood. It’s a clichè but one cannot help but love to hate the most powerful man in Congress (or so he likes to think). The audience are almost too involved at times as Spacey … Read More

TV Comment: House Of Cards

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With dialogue as sharp as their suits and as polished as the offices in the Senate, House of Cards is likely to be the smartest drama you’ll see this year. Adapted from Michael Dobb’s books and subsequent BBC series in 1990 which featured an iconic performance from Ian Richardson, the … Read More