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TV | Raised by Wolves – Just what comedy is howling out for

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It is nothing short of miraculous that Raised by Wolves got commissioned, even for a just a pilot. But that isn’t meant as an indictment. For despite some rough edges, this half-hour sitcomcom written by Caroline and Caitlin Moran is properly original and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s appearance is hard to … Read More

Books: New Review: Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

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The few scribbled lines on the inside of Caitlin Moran’s newly collected works of columns, interviews and observation says it all: ‘Moranthology is proof that Caitlin can actually be “quite chatty”’. The bizarre hilarity of subjects: from squirrel’s testicals and caravans, to ‘David Cameron looking like ham’, feature alongside debate … Read More