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Love, Dystopia and Baked Beans: LUU Open Theatre’s Jellyfish

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Lucy Keitley reviews LUU Open Theatre’s Production of Jellyfish, a play by Josh Kirby and Hugo Jones. Jellyfish is a post-apocalyptic tale of the extremities of human existence; broken bonds, tyrannical rulers and finally a hope of blossoming love. The play, written by Hugo Jones and Josh Kirby, follows the … Read More

EU’ll miss us when we’re gone!

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You might think you’re sick of hearing about Britain and the European Union, perhaps even exhausted of the whole affair, but Theresa May most likely cannot close her eyes without seeing ‘Brexit’. Don’t be fooled by nominal investments in mental health, or indeed her upcoming fashion shoot with Vogue, every … Read More

The media and the white terrorist

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Months after the tragic murder of Jo Cox, her killer, Thomas Mair, is now being labelled as a ‘terrorist’ by some papers and media outlets. Those that aren’t using that word are being repudiated by their critics. But the arrival at reports of a ‘white terrorist’ have been delayed, as … Read More

Losing more than an election

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It’s becoming clear that Hillary Clinton won’t be remembered as a faithful public servant who fought nobly on behalf of her party. Democrats are now commiserating the unfair defeat of Bernie Sanders, rather than Hillary. It seems that in the light of her defeat, the sentiment among many of her … Read More

Goodbye Ban Ki-Moon

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While the presidential elections take the limelight, the race for the next United Nations Secretary-General trundles along in the background, as Ban Ki-Moon made his final address to the General Assembly last month. A Secretary-General rarely receives a resounding applause upon completing their terms of office, but the general consensus … Read More