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Hammond convinces only child, Brexit, that it’s the taking part that counts.

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Bradley discusses the loss of GDP after Brexit. Article may contain traces of satire.  After receiving nothing but a prize for participation on sports day, 9 year old Brexit was reportedly reassured on Sunday that it’s the taking part that counts. According to insider-sources, little Brexit was unable to find … Read More

What’s so funny? The Psychology of Humour

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“Analysing humour is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” E.B. White A sense of humour is seen as something you either have or you don’t – and as E.B. White put so poignantly, there’s few things duller than explaining why things are … Read More

The return of Peep Show

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The new and penultimate series of Peep Show has a whole new arsenal of personal confusions, ridiculous predicaments and the same dark humour around Mark’s conniving plans to steal back his past loves and Jeremy’s sexual conundrums. This series has amplified its moments of mania to a level that at … Read More

Photojournal | Going home – A Christmas storm

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I should have seen this coming. It’s Christmas Day and my family is persuading me to take the usual walk with them up to a large tree at the top of the hill near our house. I am not easily swayed as it’s always the same routine: a nervous shuffle … Read More