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News | Labour maintains stronghold in student areas

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Labour candidates have won in local elections in the wards of Hyde Park & Woodhouse and Headingley. Javaid Akhtar, who already held the seat in the Hyde Park & Woodhouse ward was re-elected, beating first year student and Conservative candidate Edward Hardy. Speaking to LS after the result Mr Akhtar said: “My … Read More

News | LS interviews your council candidates

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Stuart Long – Kirkstall – Independent What experience would you bring as a councilor and what are your main priorities? I have already campaigned with Ben Fisher [former Community Officer] for £1 and £2 bus fares. One of my greatest priorities is bringing more fares down and better quality of … Read More

News | Youths burgle Hyde Park students

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People living in the Hyde Park area have admitted to feeling unsafe after another student house was burgled in the area. The burglary took place on Tuesday night at approximately 8.30pm. The student occupants of the house refused to hand over any items to the gang of youths who raided … Read More

News | Spate of Hyde Park sexual assaults

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A student has been sexually assaulted in Hyde Park this week, following a spate of sexual offences in the area. Two individuals suspected of serial sexual molestation are currently being hunted by the West Yorkshire Police. A total of four incidents of sexual assault have taken place over the last … Read More

News | Crime on the rise in Hyde Park

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The number of crimes committed on vehicles has risen by 36 per cent in the past semester in Hyde Park and Woodhouse. There were 93 crimes on vehicles in the four months to December 2013, just under one per day, compared with 68 in the same period the year before. … Read More

News | Poo-pertrator splashes back!

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A house of students were shocked to find a human faeces on their doorstep when they opened their door last Saturday. In October 2011 there were a series of poos being left on residents’ doorsteps in Leeds. However, it would appear that this story has not been wiped away just … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – Boss Burgers mean business

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Situated on Brudenell Grove, Boss Burgers certainly hasn’t entered an area lacking takeaway restaurants, yet it’s their approach to the style of takeaway that is hoping to get them noticed. With both chefs coming from restaurant backgrounds, Boss Burgers has attempted to create a half-way house between restaurant and classic … Read More

Food | Gastronaut – LS6 Cafe

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Where to start with LS6? Leeds students are well and truly blessed when it comes to this marvellous little cafe. Residing in Hyde Park Corner it is but a stone’s throw from most of our houses and just 10 minutes from campus; convenient is an understatement. But even LS6 was … Read More

News | Thieves target empty houses over holidays

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Student houses across Hyde Park and Headingley have been targeted by burglars over the Christmas period. Over 30 houses were burgled during the first two weeks of January, with 64 per cent of these properties having being left insecure. The main areas concerning police include north Hyde Park, encompassing Victoria … Read More

Lifestyle | Get healthy through your winter diet

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As we now walk through Hyde Park in the morning, we find our feet crunching on the frosted grass whilst the crisp, clear air forces our teeth to chatter; indeed it becomes obvious that winter is here.  As we sit in lectures we are graced with the coughing and spluttering … Read More