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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – “Isn’t That Just Laziness?”

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) is often brushed off as tiredness or attention-seeking, if it’s recognised at all. After all, everyone gets worn-out. In reality people have died from CFS, and at its worst those with CFS cannot physically get out of bed. So why is it not taken seriously? Continuing our … Read More

Diabulimia: The invisible illness that desperately needs to be addressed.

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Type one diabetes is not a widely understood condition. It’s an enigma in the way it materialises, and it’s an enigma to society, too. In many ways, type one diabetes is an invisible illness. It presents invisible problems, of which diabulimia is one. The effects are devastating and commonly felt … Read More

Keep Calm and Carry on

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Edmund Goldrick outlines the danger with the ‘tough it out’ attitude towards illness in the work place and university. Who’s at risk? And what should we be trying to change? Catch any bus, go to any university lecture, office, supermarket, and you will likely find clearly sick people toughing it … Read More