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In The Middle with the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band

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The Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band is the brain child/beast of the Leeds legend GIRL SWEAT and slowly but they’re taking over the world, starting with Bluedot Festival in July. We sat down with the man himself over a warm mug of Buckfast via a crap internet link – … Read More

In the Middle with The Saw Doctors

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We got down with one of Ireland’s most successful bands and talked touring, committed fans and music-themed cakes. Having had such a long break from touring, how was it to finally get back on the road? During the break from Saw Doctors’ touring, Anto and myself did numerous tours – … Read More

In the Middle with Pictish Trail

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Being a big fan of Johnny Lynch or, to call him by his stay name, Pictish Trail, I was slightly nervous when I was told to ring his landline due to a lack of mobile phone reception on the small Isle of Eigg. After half expecting someone else to answer … Read More

In The Middle with The Big Moon

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The Gryphon Music caught up with drummer of The Big Moon, Fern Ford, ahead of the release of their debut album Love in the 4thDimension and their spot at Live at Leeds next month. The recording process for their debut has had its challenges. Ford describes their tight schedule of … Read More

Local Leeds: In The Middle with Team Picture

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Team Picture are, in their own words, ‘a group of polite individuals living in Leeds’. What’s more, they’re pioneering an exciting brand of explosive psych and kraut than has seen them ascend, in my words ‘meteorically’, in their words ‘like a weather balloon’, already earning slots at Live At Leeds … Read More

In The Middle with Broken Witt Rebels

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Mark my words, Broken Witt Rebels are going to be absolutely HUGE in a few years. Where modesty seems to be the rock star style these days Danny Core (lead singer) exudes charisma, Brummy charm and arrogance in equal measure to make for the frontman rock has been holding out … Read More

In The Middle with Tom Grennan

2 years ago / 0 comments

I sat down with Tom Grennan before his sold-out show at Brudenell Games Room to discuss his first headline tour, new EP Release the Brakes and what the future holds for the emerging star. Clearly enjoying the perks of his growing fame, he was recovering from the previous night at … Read More

In The Middle with Howl

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Your sound is a lot different to the indie/rock bands around at the minute – what do you think makes your sound so unique?  Being from Bradford [laughs]. I don’t know if it gives us that bit of grit that a lot of other bands don’t really have. I think … Read More

In the Middle with White Lies

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White Lies are a common feature on any alternative rock playlist, with tracks like ‘Death’ and ‘Farewell To The Fairground’ propelling the band from small-time gigs onto shows at Wembley, supporting bands like Muse and Kings Of Leon in the process. It’s been seven years since the London three-piece (a … Read More

In The Middle with MXI

4 years ago / 0 comments

Blessed by an abundance of talent in the local area, In The Middle has set its sights on uncovering some of the finest unsigned and small-label artists in Yorkshire and beyond, in a showcase of the acts we’re looking forward to seeing grow over the next few years. Linton Nugent … Read More