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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The forgotten faces of fashion week

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Another ‘fashion month’, as the industry labels it, has drawn to a close. Of course whether excited by the event or not, it has been unavoidable. From New York right through to Paris, Instagram has documented the whole charade. Yes, we have all seen the glitz and the glamour; the … Read More

Farms of the Future

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The UN predicts that the world population will be 9.7 billion by 2050! The answer to feeding this dramatic number of mouths may be robotic farming — set to improve production efficiency, while reducing resources required… but are we ready for such a gamble into the unknown? Entrusting machines with … Read More

Brexit could save Yorkshire steel

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University of Leeds report suggests Brexit could be a game changer for the faltering industry. A report conducted by the Leeds University’s Business School suggests Britain’s departure from the EU could save Yorkshire’s struggling steel industry provided the government adopts a number of new policies.  The findings provide hope for … Read More

CEOs not being paid enough ?

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(Photo from Moxie Media.com) Attracting and retaining the most talented people to work for a business is key to its ongoing success. McKinsey & Company coined the phrase ‘the war for talent’ back in 1997. Its relevancy today has arguably increased due to the accelerating pace of globalisation over the … Read More

Growing Steel Crisis: Testing the Mettle of UK Steel-makers

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Something is up with the steel industry, something much more complex than productivity or profit. What was once a flagship for industrial might, today, the current slump suffered by British steel jeopardises thousands of jobs, the livelihood of communities and ultimately the country’s position in the market. As cheap Chinese-produced … Read More

Photojournal | The Real Junk Food Project – waste, poverty and revolution

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The Real Junk Food Café is situated in Armley, a short bus ride south west from Leeds City Centre. Entering the town, it is easy to lose count of how many factory buildings had been abandoned, bordered up and draped in rows of barbed wire. The town is like many … Read More


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The start of the academic year can be daunting for Freshers, but have you ever spared a thought for a poor old fourth year? I’ve just returned from my year abroad in Germany, and coming back to Leeds feels rather strange. After saying emotional goodbyes at the end of second … Read More