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The Gender Pain Bias: Women, Your Pain Is Not ‘All In Your Head’

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While we live in an era attempting to tackle serous inequalities faced by women, such as the gender pay gap, one very important problem is being overlooked: the gender pain gap. Female pain is often conflated with emotional distress, and therefore discredited. The word hysteria originates from the Greek word … Read More

A halt in the march of progress? New figures prove disappointing for ambitious women

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A fortnight ago, working women across the UK awoke to the disheartening news that even holding the top jobs can place them in a significantly inferior position to their male counterparts. A recent report published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR shows that of over 3 million managers … Read More

Degrees of Privilege

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Meenakshi Parmar asks whether a degree is in fact a privilege or contributing to an increasing sense of wealth disparity. Income inequality in the UK is alive and blossoming, with the top 10% of society owning approximately half of the country’s private wealth, according to the Office for National Statistics. … Read More

Loan system perpetuates inequality, study finds

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A new academic study has found that the British student loan system reproduces inequalities due to the unspoken expectation that student loans will be supplemented by family income. Lorenza Antonucci, a social policy and sociology lecturer at Teeside University, published the study in the book Student Lives in Crisis: Deepening … Read More

Comment | Gender wage gap as prevalent as ever

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The gender wage gap is a question that should have been answered years ago. It is amazing that we can claim to be upholding the precious Human Rights Act when 51 percent of our population gets paid less than the other 49 percent to do exactly the same jobs. After … Read More

Comment | Tony Benn dies – now our generation must carry the gauntlet

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Tony Benn’s personal impact has been enormous. My parents first met at a talk he gave at the University of London Union. As children, my sisters and I were taken to see him speak on many occasions. Growing up, his values, compassion and ideas deeply reinforced my politics. He has … Read More

Comment | Inequality reigns supreme

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Short of a perfectly timed meteor strike in Davos last week, there was little hope for anything in the way of a real solution to global inequality at the World Economic Forum. Crammed with career politicians, the irony of some of the world’s top 1 per cent meeting to fight … Read More