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International Women’s Day And That Selfie

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This week marked International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and their many achievements, and bring attention to the inequalities women all over the world still struggle with today. I’m sure on Tuesday you found your news feeds and timelines brimming with positive messages about womanhood, inspirational females and … Read More

The Hepworth Wakefield held a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, but perhaps the idea has yet to develop its potential

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Sunday 8th March marked International Women’s Day. The event in question has been celebrated globally since the early twentieth century and its relevance in society remains as strong as ever in 2015. Across the world, participants took part in Wikipedia edit a thons. Wakefield’s Hepworth gallery was one of many … Read More


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Alex Bowmer talks to former top-30 player and Eurosport pundit Annabel Croft about gender quality in tennis, the state of the British game, and potential stars of the future.   Q: Has women’s tennis done enough to address inequality between the sexes? It seems to be one of the only … Read More

International Women’s Day: A column about Karen Pritchard

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As you may or may not have realised by now, I love feminism. I can bang on about feminist issues and women’s issues and patriarchy for hours and hours, until I’ve noticed that no one is listening and that I’m just in a room by myself shouting about the Mail … Read More