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Is Traditional News Media Obsolete?

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“There is no one thing called ‘journalism’; no single entity called ‘news’; no single recognisable entity for a ‘journalist’.”         Alan Rusbridger, former Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian Journalists were once gatekeepers of information, defining what constituted ‘news’. A select group of people, with privileged access to this … Read More

The dark extremes of the Dark Web

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Recently the BBC broke a news story on how a “warped and sadistic” paedophile who blackmailed victims and shared abuse tips and images on the dark web was caught. Matthew Falder admitted 137 charges, including rape, against 46 victims. He evaded capture for four years by using encrypted email addresses. … Read More

The Dangerous Disdain For Tories

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Honk if you hate the Tories! #toryscum #Leeds pic.twitter.com/eRzDjhsr— Swss LeedsUni (@SwssLeedsUni) February 24, 2012 In order to develop we need to have our ideas challenged. Over the past few months, I have seen a trend forming amongst the politically active youth, whether it be through Facebook, Instagram or conversations ... Read More

My life in targeted ads

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Ever wondered why the internet shows you adverts for things you’re sure you don’t need? Edmund gives us an insight into the life adverts think he should be leading… The world grows darker. We fret over increased surveillance, the capacity to store our information, and the freakish accuracy of online … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Ecosia: is this the way to end deforestation?

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For obvious reasons, the issues surrounding deforestation will not vanish overnight. With Ecosia, though, the problem could shrink faster than the forests have. Ecosia is the search engine that claims to plant trees through searches. Their aim is to end deforestation; ad revenue goes towards the planting of new trees. … Read More

A Branson pickle! Students complain of “appalling” Virgin Media broadband in Hyde Park

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Tell my wi-fi miss her… The Gryphon has received a number of complaints from students living in the Hyde Park area about poor Virgin Media broadband service, a problem which seems to have been recurring for over a year now, with many customers trying to claim money back. Oliver Howarth, … Read More

Women in Cyberspace: “A double-edged sword”

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William Gibson, famous science fiction author, described the Internet as a ‘cyberspace’, in which anyone can assume any identity and venture into a life that is not limited by their own physical appearances; a virtual community that continues to grow and expand as people find new ways to live their … Read More

The Dark Web

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It’s easy to lose sight of reality in our technophilic times. Only the other day, my friend and I were shamelessly eavesdropping on someone’s conversation about her “issues with social media”. We listened with sympathy as she shouted her various stalking techniques into the face of her (visibly cowering) male … Read More

Jailed Twitter troll warns of Uni drinking culture

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A Leeds alumna who was jailed for trolling a feminist campaigner has told students to rethink their relationship with alcohol. Isabella Sorley served 12 weeks in jail in 2013 for sending abusive tweets to Caroline Criado-Perez while she was ‘off her face with drink’. She has since founded anti-alcoholism charity … Read More

Fibre Optic Internet: Are we too slow?

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Chances are you’re vaguely aware of the internet. You may also be aware of words like ‘dial-up’, ‘broadband’ and ‘DSL’ which are usually thrown about by computer technicians, movie hackers and computer salesmen. Now there’s a new term in the computing vocabulary: ‘fibre optics’. So what exactly are fibre optics, … Read More