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Placement Stress? Don’t Panic!

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All of a sudden, summer is over and campus is filled with students excited for a great year. For second year students, this time can be incredibly stressful as you are trying to ensure you have a placement sorted for your year in industry. Have you got your placement sorted … Read More

A guide to internship hunting

10 months ago / 0 comments

As the months draw closer to our summer holidays, I am filled with feelings of excitement due to the prospect of the university break. Yet panic and concern take control as I, like many students, do not have a summer plan. An internship is a perfect way to learn valuable … Read More

Postcards from Abroad: Washington, USA

3 years ago / 0 comments

Bex Gray is a third year Politics and Parliamentary Studies student currently working in the United States. She is spending this semester in Washington DC, interning for Congressman Don Young, representative for All Alaska in the House of Representatives. She’s (supposed to be) learning a lot about American politics, and … Read More

Blogs | March Madness

5 years ago / 5,530 comments

I’m writing this at my desk, staring at storm clouds and rain dripping down the window pane, with my portable heater on maximum. This serves me right for being smug about Berlin’s lack of winter and the glorious sunshine we’ve had the past few weeks. I also suspect it’s because … Read More

Features | A Year in Industry – Is it worth it?

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Julia Mascetti talks about her year in the arts industry so far. She studies Music but is currently doing a work placement at a classical music PR agency. Although receiving some student loan and bursary, affording to do the placement is still a struggle. As a small arts company, they … Read More

Features | Top Five Jobs Abroad in Summer

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No one wants to spend their summer holidays at home, begging their parents each night for a tenner to go down the pub and being told to ‘go and get a job!’ It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer, whether you’re a first year undergraduate or even … Read More