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In the Middle with Creeper

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Creeper are a difficult band to pin down. Their theatrical flair and highly cultivated aesthetic set them apart from the gritty realism of the current punk scene, while their meticulously crafted characters and storylines make them a rarity not just stylistically but lyrically as well. Just two years on from … Read More

Local Leeds: In The Middle with Team Picture

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Team Picture are, in their own words, ‘a group of polite individuals living in Leeds’. What’s more, they’re pioneering an exciting brand of explosive psych and kraut than has seen them ascend, in my words ‘meteorically’, in their words ‘like a weather balloon’, already earning slots at Live At Leeds … Read More

In The Middle with Hawkwind

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  I recently spoke to Richard Chadwick, the very-underrated drummer of space-rock pioneers Hawkwind, about his thoughts on modern psychedelic music, and was very surprised to say the least to find that his hopes for psychedelia’s future lay in experimental black metal. And as if that wasn’t interesting enough, he … Read More

In the Middle with The Stranglers

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Very few people ever get to meet their favourite bands, but Barry “Baz” Warne took it a step further, and actually became the frontman of his favourite band, The Stranglers, in 2006, after becoming their guitarist in 2000. I ask him if he listens to much modern punk. “Not really. … Read More

In The Middle with The Shimmer Band

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The Shimmer Band are one of the latest bands to emerge on the alternative music scene. Originally from Bristol, their music has been described as a sort of psychedelic rock. On Thursday night, they played Brudenell and The Gryphon got a chance to chat to their lead singer, Tom Newman. … Read More

In The Middle with Broken Witt Rebels

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Mark my words, Broken Witt Rebels are going to be absolutely HUGE in a few years. Where modesty seems to be the rock star style these days Danny Core (lead singer) exudes charisma, Brummy charm and arrogance in equal measure to make for the frontman rock has been holding out … Read More

In The Middle with Tom Grennan

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I sat down with Tom Grennan before his sold-out show at Brudenell Games Room to discuss his first headline tour, new EP Release the Brakes and what the future holds for the emerging star. Clearly enjoying the perks of his growing fame, he was recovering from the previous night at … Read More

In the Middle with Superfood

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Dom sounds a bit worse for wear as we chat over the phone. He’d been at the NME awards the night before with friend and flatmate, Harry Koisser. “Everyone who was playing came back to our house, and I was in bed by like, 2am, but they were in the … Read More

Farms of the Future

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The UN predicts that the world population will be 9.7 billion by 2050! The answer to feeding this dramatic number of mouths may be robotic farming — set to improve production efficiency, while reducing resources required… but are we ready for such a gamble into the unknown? Entrusting machines with … Read More

How to Style Sustainably…

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We talked to RAG Head Stylist Tiffany Grous and Deputy Stylist Maya Sherpa about the challenges they’ve faced with this year’s RAG fashion show theme… Sustainability is a tricky theme in terms of styling; where did you draw inspiration from? We’ve taken a different approach to sustainability in that we … Read More