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Campus Watch: 22 British students believed to have joined IS

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The Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Karthoum, Sudan has confirmed that as many as 22 British doctors, pharmacists and dentists have travelled to Syria. A total of 27 UMST students and graduates have left for Syria and are believed to have joined … Read More

With the UK extending airstrikes to Syria, debate still rages. The Gryphon asks: Should the UK be launching airstrikes in Syria?

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Yes: The rise of Islamic State’s brutal caliphate has sent shockwaves across the world in the last couple of years. The international community is rightly united in condemning IS and its destructive sadism, but a huge question remains over whether we should be intervening militarily in Syria with airstrikes. It’s … Read More

The Big Picture: Syria Vote

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What happened? The UK has extended airstrikes to Syria after the House of Commons passed a government motion authorising action against Islamic State in Syria by 397 to 223. It was a comfortable win for Cameron, with 66 Labour MPs supporting the motion and helping the government to a majority … Read More

ISIS: There is a world beyond the happy ending

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Terrorists have left the world reeling. I don’t mean just last week, or two weeks ago, or this year, or fourteen years ago. There isn’t a time limit on this one; terrorism has been working since time immemorial. Human beings are remarkable though – we don’t stay scared. Unfortunately, tragedy … Read More

Students stand with community over ISIS

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Demonstrators gathered in Leeds city centre earlier this week in solidarity with the Kurdish town of Kobane. According to the organisers, over 130 people were present at the peaceful demonstration held in Dortmund Square, in response to ISIS attacks on the town bordering Syria and Turkey. Kobane was besieged last … Read More

Video Games | ISIS are playing the West at their own game

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There are three constants in life; death, taxes and the constant claims that video games are corrupting our children. Now a recent video released to the internet that appears to be a trailer for an ISIS video game has the likes of Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the Murdoch … Read More

Comment | Gaza- not the only issue

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Over the past month there have been growing tensions in the Middle East. The most widely reported and well known issue is that of the Gaza strip. Israeli forces and militant group Hamas have been exchanging blows in the form of sporadic fighting and bombing, resulting in mostly innocent Palestinian … Read More