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Why BBC2’s ‘Muslims Like Us’ has got people talking

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Muslims Like Us is a two-part BBC2 programme documenting ten British Muslims living under one roof. Soraya Ali and Mira Mookerjee give us their opinions and try to pin down just what’s got everyone talking about the programme. “The show beautifully captured the struggles British Muslims and immigrants face daily…” … Read More

A Different Kind of Christmas: Faith

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From the brightly lit festive streets to the self-service checkouts in Tesco (‘Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!’) and the constant stream of Christmas ads on TV to the soundtrack in the Hidden cafe, Christmas is unavoidable. Undoubtedly becoming less about the Christian faith and more of a consumerist season, The … Read More

Islamophobia: what can you do about it?

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A phrase that is still underlined with red dots when you type it in on Word, Islamophobia is still very much in its beginner phase of becoming a well-known and understood phenomenon. Following reports of the Aubervilliers teacher fabricating his attack, The Gryphon explores the growing levels of Islamophobia across the … Read More

Debate | Is Denmark right to ban religious slaughtering?

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Last week, Denmark’s government banned the religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and kosher meat stating that “animal welfare takes precedence over religion”. Although supported by animal welfare activists, this move has been labelled as “anti-Semitic” by Jewish leaders and “a clear interference in religious freedom” by … Read More

LS Interviews Qari Asim

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Max Bruges speaks to Hyde Park Imam Qari Asim, who was awarded an MBE last year for community engagement efforts in the wake of the 7/7 bombings that were carried out by Hyde Park locals. Less than a quarter of students at Leeds believe in a God, why do you … Read More

Leeds Student interviews Lord Ahmed, the first Muslim peer

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From humble beginnings as a first-generation immigrant fishmonger, Nazir Ahmed has risen to become one of the most prominent Muslim politicians in the UK. In 1998, he became the first Muslim life peer, and the first Lord ever to take his oath on a copy of the Koran. As the … Read More