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Islamophobia: what can you do about it?

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A phrase that is still underlined with red dots when you type it in on Word, Islamophobia is still very much in its beginner phase of becoming a well-known and understood phenomenon. Following reports of the Aubervilliers teacher fabricating his attack, The Gryphon explores the growing levels of Islamophobia across the … Read More

Presentation held on Islamophobia

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A presentation on Islamophobia was hosted by MEND (Muslim Engagement & Development)  on Wednesday evening. The presentation was given by Abla Klaa, BME student campaigns coordinator at the Union. In the presentation, Klaa pointed to research from Lancaster University which revealed that “for every 21 negative mentions of Muslims in the … Read More

What is PREVENT really preventing?

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This September, the government passed ‘the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act’: a strategy designed to ensure that teachers, professors, and academics now have a statutory duty to notice and report signs of so-called ‘non-violent extremism’. But is this simply an attempt to “protect impressionable young minds” and stamp out early signs … Read More

RADICAL: LS speaks to ex-Islamist Maajid Nawaz

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Co-founder of the Quilliam Foundation, an organisation that challenges extremism, sharp-suited Maajid Nawaz is now worlds away from the torture facilities of Mubarak’s Egypt, where he found himself incarcerated in 2002 for his work with Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. Lucy Snow talks to him about anti-Semitism, the Muslim Brotherhood and … Read More