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How British Hip Hop Found Its Voice

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From its very beginning, British hip-hop has existed in a permanently maligned state, seemingly always losing ground against the genres it rubs shoulders against. Whether being unfathomably overshadowed by its US counterpart, or rejected in favour of more frenetic grime, British hip-hop has always failed to become both culturally ingrained … Read More

The Abstract Orchestra playing the music of J Dilla @ The Wardrobe, 4/2/17

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The impact of J Dilla’s music can hardly be overstated. An idol to legions of bedroom hip-hop producers, many see his ability to cut obscure parts of obscure records over crunchy, offbeat drums to create hip-hop masterpieces as unparalleled. Dilla’s influence extends far beyond the bedroom, with megastars such as … Read More

Dillatronic by J Dilla

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J Dilla’s death in 2006 from a rare blood disease could readily be argued as one of music’s greatest losses in the past 20 years. While many choose to look at the tragedies of Cobain, Buckley, Tupac, and Biggy, as more significant due to their influences on pop culture, Dilla’s … Read More