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In defence of an independent future

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It was only in October of last year that I wrote in this paper of the many benefits associated with remaining in the EU. This was before Cameron’s renegotiations and whilst the referendum was still safely tucked away in 2017. But now we know what a UK in the EU … Read More

Following the Paris attacks, The Gryphon asks: Is it right to mourn the events of Paris on such a huge scale while neglecting to the same for non-western tragedies?

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Yes: With the sound of gunfire still ringing in their ears, Parisians and indeed the world mourn the deaths of over 130 innocent civilians. The French grieve for the loss of their compatriots whilst the global community reels from the stark brutality of the assault. Amongst the identified victims, one … Read More

Subway and Halal: Secularism’s Place in Today’s Society

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Out of around 2000 Subway stores open today in the UK and Ireland, 202 are marketed as ‘Halal stores’; substituting turkey for pork and operating within the guidelines set out by the Quran. Since 2007, Subway have aimed to tailor their product range in line with the demographic composition of … Read More

Better Off Out Or In? With the 2017 Referendum Looming The Gryphon asks: Should Britain leave the EU?

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Yes: The argument to leave the European Union is often lumped in with UKIP’s policies but, if you look beyond their xenophobic nonsense, then there are actually very compelling reasons to desire a Brexit. The EU was created to give European nations a greater voice on an ever increasing world … Read More

What Is the Pope Apologising For?

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It may seem as though Pope Francis continued his pseudo-liberal crusade earlier last week, when he issued an apology for recent ‘scandals’ in the Catholic church at his weekly audience in St. Peters Square. For some time now Francis has perched himself amidst a haze of media romance, charming the … Read More