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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Donald?

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The United States government today entered its twenty-seventh day of a partial shutdown in what is now the second-longest shutdown its history. 800,000 government employees have gone without pay, with some such as airport security being expected to work for free as a ‘critical service’. Both sides, Republican President Trump … Read More

The Democrats Gearing To Take Trump On

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November 3rd, 2020 seems like a lifetime away but several prominent Democrats are already eyeing up the next U.S. election and getting themselves ready to run against Republican President Trump. One big-name Democrat has already thrown her hat into the ring but news outlets in the United States are suggesting … Read More

Why Half Of America Is So Worried About The Notorious RBG

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For liberal Americans, the name Ruth Bader Ginsburg – known affectionately as RBG – is synonymous with everything in which they believe. At 85, she is one of the oldest judges on the Supreme Court of the United States and perhaps the most liberal of all nine of them. For … Read More

Can Trump And The Democrats Work Together?

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Now the midterms are over and the Democrats have regained control of one chamber in Congress, it seems more unlikely than ever that Republican and Democratic divides can be overcome. Just one day after the midterm results became clear, Donald Trump began a tirade of anti-Democrat press releases, including a … Read More

The US Midterms: What Is The State Of Play With One Week To Go Until Election Day?

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The U.S. midterm elections are a vital, but often overlooked, part of the U.S. democratic process Every two years, one-third of the Senate – the upper chamber of the law-making branch of the government, and the entire House of Representatives – the lower chamber – are re-elected. Together, these two … Read More

Amazon’s Minimum Wage: Compassion or Trade Union Influence?

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This week, it was announced by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos that all Amazon workers were to receive a minimum wage increase (to $15 an hour in the United States and £9.50 outside of London in the United Kingdom). While this has been widely and rightly praised by members of the … Read More