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January Transfers Hit Record Heights

3 years ago / 0 comments

IN a record-breaking season, the Premier League clubs have, combining the summer and the winter transfer windows, spent over £1 billion on recruiting new players in this increasingly financially dependent league. The January transfer window, which was very much a story of the bottom-half clubs doing business, saw £175 million spent; … Read More

Gym users on the Edge

6 years ago / 0 comments

Students have expressed their anger over lengthy queues and insufficient space in the gym at the Edge sports centre. Gym-goers complained of queuing, with up to five people waiting for each machine at peak times. On Wednesday alone, nine of the cardio machines in the fitness centre were out of … Read More

Justice for January

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January is an unbridled shit-shower that defecates all over the brilliance of your effulgent existence and drags your life into an unhappy and dreary, dark mire which you are unhappily forced to tolerate. Yet January needs a chance. January isn’t so different from other months, after all. Your life sucked … Read More