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Woman Crush Wednesday: Mhairi Black

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Mhairi Black is soon-becoming a household name. She is not only a woman who is an MP- a title worthy of celebrating- but she is also the youngest MP since 1667, back when 13-year-old boys were allowed to become MPs. She is precisely 25 days older than me, and Mhairi … Read More

Christian Louboutin’s Venture Into Beauty

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Christian Louboutin is a name everyone knows, whether they are an avid shoe enthusiast or just a boyfriend who overheard his girlfriend wistfully pointing out some shoes on Instagram. Starting off with very little, Louboutin ignored his academic studies and started sketching shoes in his teens. He became successful working for … Read More

Little Fashion & Beauty Wonders

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Buying fashion magazines or being loyal subscribers to the likes of Glamour, Elle et al. often means additional little freebies to try out new brands. Many times, your Nails Inc nail polishes have come from as a freebie in your Glamour magazine, or the Balance Me face masks will have come as part of Elle. … Read More

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kris Hallenga

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You’ve graduated University, great! What do you do? Well most go find a job, or continue their studies. Some will even explore the world and make the most of being young. Ah – to be young, free, and the thought of having breast cancer never crossing your mind. When you’re … Read More

The Fashion Week Edit: A Beauty Roundup

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As well as a round of fashion trends, the Fashion Weeks also produced a wealth of beauty trends to follow for SS16. This September however we saw both ends of the spectrum; the classic, barefaced minimal to the extreme and colourful. Here is a round up of the shows that … Read More

Autumn Trend: Folk dresses

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Autumn dresses are essential for the new season. With the Summer heat falling and the need to throw on a couple of layers it can be incredibly easy to switch from bright to beige. However, it is so easy to forget how colourful Autumn really is; with rich shades of red, orange, and … Read More

Summer Trend: Espadrilles

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You live in your trusty Converse pumps all through Winter, Autumn, and Spring. You know they will always be ‘in’, and you know they will always go with any day outfit. Just like a white shirt, or a nude trench coat, these pumps are a staple accessory to  your wardrobe. … Read More

Summer Trend: Cover Ups

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The sun’s out, the sky is blue, and finally Britain can say it’s experiencing a heatwave. So grab those sunglasses, put on those shorts you’ve been saving all year to wear, and who knows, but that may be a tan you’re getting! Everything is great up until you head out … Read More

Cheap Vs Chic: summer essentials

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When Hyde Park is full of students revising in the sun, that’s when you know summer is just around the corner. It’s the perfect heat of spring than means you aren’t sweltering under the glare but pleasantly able to just lie on the grass is perfect bliss- momentarily forgetting about … Read More

The Oscars in Illustrations

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With the Oscars celebration just gone it is fair to say they there is a clear dip in eccentric fun on the red carpet. The dresses were a little understated in their unusualness and this time round there were no make over mishaps. Even Lady Gaga adorned a dress that … Read More