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Political Correctness Gone Sad

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We are, in general, pretty good at knowing when we’re being lied to. Advertising, politicians, announcements on public transport; modern human existence, unfortunately, involves wading through a fair amount of bullshit of one sort or another. But we’ve grown up with it, been molded by it. Particularly in Britain, this … Read More

We Should All Walk a Mile in Her Nikes

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Tennis is a game of binaries, things are very much ‘in or out’. The discourse that has sprung from the final of the US Open was not quite as clear-cut and has proven that the ball still falls very much on either side of the net. In short, Serena Williams accused … Read More

The Gryphon asks: should Commons Speaker John Bercow have objected to Trump speaking in parliament?

2 years ago / 0 comments

Yes – Aiden Alexander Wynn At the beginning of last week, John Bercow did something courageous and, frankly, necessary, in stating his opposition to Trump and his upcoming state visit. Some may argue that this act was more of an attack on British democracy than on Trump; it is true … Read More

How do you like your democracy, whipped?

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It seems that, on January 19th, Jeremy Corbyn awoke feeling that he had entirely too much support from what is left of the Labour party and that his shadow cabinet was simply held together too well. He set about righting these wrongs by announcing that he will impose a three-line … Read More

Hum for Harambe: Candlelight vigil held for late gorilla

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A vigil held for a gorilla? You bet. But Harambe is more than an animal. He’s a meme…  “Harambe was sadly taken from us, but his heart still stays in all of us.” So runs the description of the Facebook event that attracted the interest of upwards of two thousand … Read More