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Comment | Hyde Park ad – Shock advertising should be challenged

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If, like me, you didn’t know about Red’s True BBQ until this week, you’ll have seen their latest shock marketing campaign to stir social media. The company have launched an ad mocking vegetarianism using a design not unlike those advertising mental health or domestic abuse helplines. Coming at the end … Read More

The Interview: Giles Coren

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“Sorry what was the question? I was just thinking about myself” Over rabbit and chickpeas and a side of speck, Lucy Holden talks psychoanalysis, narcissism and expletives with Giles Coren in Kentish Town. Giles Coren is a columnist for The Times who thinks pollock tastes like cod. He’s also just … Read More

The Interview: Jay Rayner

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  Over coffee at The Ivy Observer food critic and regular MasterChef judge Jay Rayner tells Lucy Holden about metaphorically sharpening his knives, a feature that landed him in a Dutch bath with a hooker and a gram of coke, and why you shouldn’t take him so seriously. When a … Read More

The Top Five: Food

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Jennie Pritchard salutes this week’s big interviewee, Jay Rayner, with her pick of the Top Five books about food and restaurants.    American Psycho by Brett Easton-Ellis Frequent scenes of egregious, filthy-rich businessmen dining in decadent Manhattan restaurants, flaunting their AmEx cards and spitting bile about colleagues and peers actually … Read More