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Bill Ryder-Jones’ New Album is No YAWN

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Bill Ryder-Jones returns with his best album to date. Yawn is the culmination of a seven-year solo career and a pained existence, moving his beautifully depressing guitar music into a much deeper dimension. Together these ten songs represent a meditative reflection of Ryder-Jones’ self and relationships. The goose bump inducing … Read More

Bill Ryder Jones Brings his Melancholic Bliss to the Howard Assembly Room, 21/09

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In addition to producing two of the arguably best English debut albums of the year (The Orielles’ Silver Dollar Moment and Our Girl’s Stranger Today), the former The Coral guitarist has also found time to record a new album. To be released in November, Ryder Jones will be touring the … Read More

“What’s Your Kink?”: Meet Your Music Editors

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If you’re an avid reader of our section, then you already know everything you need to know about music. But what about the people running the section this year? We’ve put together a little Q&A so you don’t have to stalk us on Facebook (and more importantly, so you know … Read More

Camp Cope & More: Australia’s Fight Against Sexual Harassment

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Falls Festival in Australia is meant to be a euphoric celebration to bring the year to an end, yet amongst claims of widespread sexual abuse the festival has served simply highlighted the entrenched misogyny in the Australian music scene and beyond. Cast your mind over to the far-off land of … Read More

Almost Home by Keston Cobblers Club

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Keston Cobblers Club have been movers and shakers in the family folk scene since their formation in 2009, now eight years later this band of five friends have released their third album, Almost Home. Named after a famous Cobbler in Keston who played music so that locals would dance, wear … Read More

Now That The Light Is Fading by Maggie Rogers

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Maggie Rogers’ painfully short EP of five songs is an unforgettable debut, showcasing songs which would be at home both on a relaxed Sunday morning and out at a club. Infusing pop with elements of R&B, dance and sporadic sounds of nature, Roger’s has created a completely unique collection of … Read More

For a Moment I Was Lost by Amber Run

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Amber Run have returned with a beautifully depressing second album. Scrapping their guitar roots (very similar to the likes of Kodaline), the Nottingham four-piece have opted for a new, complex sound laced with emotion. Utilising smooth pianos, harmonies and simple guitar riffs sporadically rearing their head, each song is enriched … Read More

Hippo Campus @ Belgrave Music Hall, 31/01/2017

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Minnesotan indie rock band Hippo Campus returned to Leeds for a third-time-lucky gig at Belgrave Music Hall. The night could not have got off to better start, what with slick indie pop tune from local favourites, The Marsicans, promoting their latest EP The Absence and teasing their upcoming single ‘Friends’. … Read More