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Leeds Opens Applications for its First University Challenge Team since 2011

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Leeds University Union are searching for the five brightest students at Leeds to send to University Challenge for the first time since 2011. If you consider yourself to be a serial quizzer or a genius just waiting to be discovered, then this is your chance to show your housemates that … Read More

TV | Britain's Great War – BBC's tribute to WWI centenary season

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It’s very difficult to write a book or make a documentary series that gives a general description of a major war. World War One and Two have been documented to the extent that it is difficult to come up with something new and interesting to say, especially considering the number of war buffs there are about, including … Read More

TV | Backchat with Jack Whitehall and his dad – His dad being the highlight

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“You know your mummy, she’s got very strong wrists.” God, you would hate to hear those words coming from your father, yet Michael Whitehall, the father of comedian Jack Whitehall, is just the sort of dad to deliver them. Michael’s verbal quips throughout are exactly what you would expect from … Read More

News | Union selects University Challenge team

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The Union has announced the brain boxes that will represent Leeds in the next series of University Challenge. Frank Jackman, Sam Arfield, Ben Maybee and Caroline Avery beat off competition from nearly 100 other students who took part in trials earlier this month. The team was revealed following a final … Read More

News | Students compete in University Challenge trials

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Nearly one hundred students tried to prove their intelligence this week in an attempt to make the University Challenge team. Students reported queuing outside the Old Bar for upwards of an hour and a half for the opportunity to face surly quiz master Jeremy Paxman. Students were grilled at three stations … Read More

Comment | Russell Brand for prime minister?

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Russell Brand is sexist, obnoxious and annoying. But he might just be right about why we are so politically apathetic. The ideas which gushed forth during that interview with Paxman on Newsnight last week, assumedly from the deepest depths of Brand’s stomach, were nothing special. Beneath the banter and incoherent ranting can be … Read More