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Books: Rook by Jane Rusbridge

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Rook is set in the enchanting coastal village of Bosham in Sussex, and Rusbridge paints the scene with rich descriptions of the sprawling shoreline and surrounding scenery. It opens with Nora’s sudden return home to Creek House, much to the disgruntlement of her mother Ada, who has an unstable grip … Read More

Books: New Review: The Things We Know Now by Catherine Dunne

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The Things We Know Now offers, as the title suggests, an example of the power of hindsight. However, this insightful novel confronts the crisis that the Grants face following the suicide of their fourteen-year old son Daniel. Hindsight is not enough to bring him back. Told predominantly from Patrick Grant’s … Read More

Books: New Review: A Free Man by Aman Sethi

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Aman Sethi’s debut novel A Free Man is set in the marginalised world of Bara Tooti Chowk – Old Delhi’s labour market. It brings to light the otherwise invisible stories of the labourers who live and work on the streets. Their lives are uncertain, dangerous and often seemingly futile. They … Read More