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Year In Industry: After-sales Marketing Assistant at BMW

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Freddie Rowley is a final year BA Management student. She completed her year in industry at BMW in a paid role as an Aftersales Marketing Assistant at their Financial Services head office in Farnborough, Hampshire. During the placement, she rented a house with 4 other students on the placement scheme. … Read More

Part-time job ideas

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Being a student can be very expensive, so what do you do when you’re strapped for cash but also for time? Looking for a part-time job alongside your studies can seem overwhelming. Academic and social commitments gradually fill up during the week, and before you know it it’s Sunday again, … Read More

German staff quit

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German students are unhappy with their course after several tutors and lecturers unexpectedly left the department. Four members of staff have left since July 2012, all citing contractual instability as the reason. The co-ordinator of a core module left in reading week, just seven weeks into the academic year. Student … Read More

Placard stunt gets graduate a job

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16.11.12 A Leeds graduate has landed a job at one of the most competitive insurance companies in London, after holding a placard advertising himself at Liverpool Street station. Giles Metcalfe, who graduated from Leeds last year, attracted the attention of several employers in the busy concourse with a sign reading: … Read More