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Doping: Should Records Be Reset?

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Ever since athletics was first rocked by its ongoing and highly volatile doping scandal at the end of 2015, a massive amount of soul searching has taken place by the key figures throughout the sport. Key questions have had to be answered. How could cheating on this scale have been … Read More

Sheffield Prove Too Tough For Gryphons

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Watching a BUCS Table Tennis fixture is like watching no other sport you have ever attended. At Leeds, in the late-afternoon light of the Cromer Terrace Fitness Suite three games take place simultaneously over the span of about an hour, at such rapid speed it’s hard to keep up with … Read More

Should Van Gaal go?

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WHEN former league champions struggle to gain ten points from as many games, high profile petitions are launched against the manager and season ticket holders can be heard heckling the players during the games, you might not expect their chief to last much longer in the job, especially in an … Read More

Women’s Volleyball Vanquish West Yorkshire Rivals

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LEEDS Women’s Volleyball team continued their so-far perfect season with another 3-0 victory on Wednesday at The Gryphon Sports Centre, this time against a struggling Bradford side. The error-prone local rivals to the Gryphons gave away all of the first five points in the game due to errors, as the … Read More

Déjà Vu by Giorgio Moroder

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When the Godfather of electronic dance music, Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, announced he was to release his first studio album in 30 years, foreseeably, a few eyebrows were raised. The stakes became even higher when he announced a plethora of pop princesses including Kylie, Britney and Sia were to join … Read More

Music | Museum of Love self-titled debut album review

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What do Dave Grohl, Tommy Lee and LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney all have in common? Well as of this year they’re all drummers who have taken up lead vocalist duties in new ventures. On this disco inspired first full-length offering under the name Museum of Love, Mahoney strikes up a … Read More