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8 Ways To Tell Politicians To Go F**k Themselves (And 1 Reason Politicians Should Never Use Music)

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As the results of the US election loom closer and closer, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that music can often serve as a big middle finger to the establishment. These are the best ways in which musicians have outsmarted politicians, and if you’re a budding musician yourself, consider … Read More

Adrenalin Baby by Johnny Marr

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Since the release of his debut album, The Messenger, back in 2013, it feels like there has barely been a moment when the wheels of Johnny Marr’s tour bus have stopped spinning and the sound of his iconic guitar haven’t filled the airwaves of venues in the UK and beyond. … Read More

Bryan Ferry ‘Avonmore’ Album Review

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I’ve always thought Bryan Ferry’s music sounds like the score of the Miami vice TV show. The brooding ‘Loop de Li’ with its snippets of saxophone and funk guitars and the action-film lyrics of “I’m a soldier of fortune/An ambassador of pain” on ‘Soldier of Fortune’ could fit right in … Read More

Johnny Marr ‘Playland’ Album Review

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Johnny Marr is without a doubt a legend. As guitarist and co-songwriter of the Smiths, Marr helped take over and mould the world of 80’s indie-rock. Although much less headline-driven than Smiths band-mate Morrissey, Marr’s timidity has still left him popular but in a subjacent, less controversial manner. Having worked … Read More

Music | Live in Leeds – Johnny Marr, PINS & Alunageorge

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Johnny Marr – LMUSU  (3/5) At NME’s ‘God Like Genius’ of 2013, Johnny Marr, played to a tiny 1,100 capacity crowd at Leeds Met Union last week. The expected more mature audience crowded in, adorned in their Smiths and Morrissey t-shirts, despite the distinct lack of the latter anywhere on the bill. Opening … Read More

Music | The Messenger is Coming to Town

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Following the release of The Messenger in February, Johnny Marr will be gracing Leeds with his presence next Sunday. It’s been a great 2013 for Marr – crowned NME’s ‘Godlike Genius’ and Q Hero at the Q Awards and after some spectacular performances of old and new material on Jools … Read More

Music: Album Review: Johnny Marr – The Messenger

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Since The Smiths broke up in 1987, Johnny Marr has jumped around from band to band collecting all sorts of accolades along the way. He has played on a US No. 1 album with Modest Mouse, as well as contributing to a multi-award winning soundtrack written by Hans Zimmer. It … Read More

Feature: What do we have to look forward to in 2013?

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  Welcome to 2013. By now you are just about settled in; Christmas is a fading memory, New Year is a memory you were never party to, and it is time to start looking ahead. What do we have to look forward to in 2013?  A Stone Roses documentary and … Read More