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Joint Enterprise: Law and Disorder in the UK

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In 2014, Alex Henry was convicted of murder by a law called ‘Joint Enterprise’. The basic premise of his case is as follows: Alex and his friend Cameron – whom he had befriended not long before the crime took place -  were walking home when they saw another of Alex’s ... Read More

Preview: Bestival 7th-10th September

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Another year, another summer. Another summer, another Bestival. Bestival is a staple of UK summertime — it is the last blowout that is forgotten in June, but law by September.  However this summer, Bestival comes with a twist. No more tedious ferry queues snaking for miles. No more questionable journeys … Read More

Thousands march on Yarl’s Wood

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Campaigners from across the UK protested at the immigration removal centre in Bedfordshire on Saturday, December 4, demanding that the detention centre be shut down. The centre, which mainly holds women and children, is one of 13 such centres in the UK and is operated by Serco, a private company … Read More

Woman by Justice

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Hop on board the boogie train because it’s time to experience disco for the new age. French electro–rock duo Justice are back with their latest offering, Woman. With an impressive blend of instrumentals and vocals from a range of genres, Woman takes its listener on a dance inspired journey on … Read More

Comment | The justice system, no justice for victims

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This week the hyper-lenient sentence given to Lewis Gill hit the news. Lewis Gill’s almost entirely unprovoked attack on Andrew Young in Bournemouth last year was the result of the victim merely telling off Gill’s friend. Gill’s friend was riding his bicycle on the pavement and Gill lashed out and … Read More

Comment | An end to the death penalty

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How would you feel if you were sentenced to die for a murder you had not committed? This is exactly what happened to Ray Krone. In 1992, Ray was sentenced to death in Arizona for the murder of Kim Ancona. She was found dead in the bar where she worked, half naked, … Read More

Blogs | An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World…Respect Women?

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Friday the thirteenth of this month brought bad news to the four Indian men who were sentenced to death by hanging, following their decision to brutally gang-rape and murder a 23 year old woman on a bus in Delhi last December. Marking the end of an intense seven month trial … Read More

Club owners hunt for Facebook vigilante

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9.11.12 A “Wanted” Facebook post profiling a local thief has inspired people to share it nearly 2,000 times in the hope of bringing him to  justice. The culprit was captured on CCTV stealing a pair of CDJ-1000 mixing decks worth over £1000 from Garage Nightclub. The club was planning to … Read More