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Bullying is bad – unless you’re a Tory

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Kane Emerson (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

The Gryphon asks: should a country ever introduce conscription?

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Yes – Kane Emmerson Last week it was announced that Sweden has reintroduced conscription amidst rising tensions in the Baltic and a fall in recruitment numbers. It joins Estonia, Finland, Norway and Austria in requiring some military service from young people. Whilst Sweden’s choice was decided by a perceived threat … Read More

A local reaction with global effects

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Community. It’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. Its importance has been drilled into me by my grandparents, my old school and by the biographies of the great and the good. It’s something that matters to the rest of us too. We feel lost without it. And … Read More

Run to the Hil!

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On news of the death of Fidel Castro, Jeremy Corbyn called the dead dictator a “champion of social justice” who had a huge impact on socialism. What is going on in the Labour party? Is Corbyn some naff student politician who lacks any grasp on reality in praising a brutal … Read More

Why Black Lives Matter still matters

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Whilst scientists have solved the puzzle of what came first: the chicken or the egg, many sane people are still puzzled by the question of what came first: the troll or the alt-right? The alt-right are certainly a confusing bunch, with their extreme right-wing views and ridiculous statements, with their … Read More