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Ottomondi and Dada J.W. Ford storm the Tokyo Runway

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Katherine Corcoran gives her round up of recent Tokyo Fashion Week.  Hyper-modern streetwear took centre stage at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo’s Spring/Summer 2019 shows, a testament to the cosmopolitan metropolis that is the Japanese capital. With design primarily rooted in experimental, rather futuristic looks, the scope of work at Japan’s … Read More

Review: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery at Leeds Grand Theatre

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Arts Editor Katherine Corcoran reviews Mischief Theatre’s The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, as it was in its final week last week at Leeds Grand Theatre. Much is to be discussed in our taxi ride home from the opening night showing of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. I leave … Read More

Katherine Corcoran’s Key Shows For SS19

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  New York – Calvin Klein  Raf Simons’ powerful capability to critique the America of our time was again exhibited in his simplistic collection of college kid inspired looks. Tributes were paid to the traditionalism of an Ivy League college, as youthful models walked the runway in preppy outfits composed … Read More

The RSC’s New Shakespeare Learning Zone: Another Tiresome Plight?

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Investigating the RSC’s newly-launched Shakespeare Learning Zone, and I’m transported back to the days of using absolutely any website I can find in order to avoid actually having to read Romeo and Juliet. It’s the classic formula of our beloved SparkNotes and GradeSaver: a couple of clicks in and I’ve … Read More

Selfies: Art or Millennial Narcissism?

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The newly-opened California Museum of Selfies places an ostentatious pinpoint on the timeline of the digital age, marking the moment where the selfie is treated with artistic respect. This exhibit allows visitors to explore the selfie right back to its 40,000 year-old roots and contains primarily interactive instalments that reinforce … Read More

Every Third Minute Launches with ‘Still Alice’

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Every Third Minute. a festival at West Yorkshire Playhouse charting resilience against dementia, was launched with the warming ‘Still Alice’. Arts writer Catherine Corcoran gives us the rundown. First performed in 2013 by Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre Company, Christine Mary Dunford’s touching work Still Alice has now arrived at the West … Read More

Leeds Tealights Return With A Devilishly Hilarious Performance

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Last week Stylus saw the The Leeds Tealights return with a new selection of hilarious sketches to add to their highly rated repertoire. With a backbone theme of the devil awakening the group, ‘666’ was a show that intertwined ridiculous, low-level gags with clever sketches of intense social relevance. For … Read More

Theatre Group Offer a Fresh Take on Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

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Featuring a strong cast, excellent production and a modern interpretation of the Shakespeare classic, Theatre Group’s ‘Macbeth’ is a success. Ella Kennedy’s Macbeth warps the classic tragedy into a narrative of underground secrecy, forming a corporate world peppered with criminality below a surface of tough professionalism. Suited up, and fuelled … Read More

Business As Usual in the NT’s Take on ‘Network’

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Eerily relevant in a time where the reliability of the news is as equally up for discussion as the news itself, Ivo Van Hove’s mighty stage adaptation of Paddy Chayefsky’s Oscar-winning Network (1974) sees the plastic insanity of the corporate world epitomised in a narrative of truth versus profit. With … Read More

Open Theatre’s intriguing and comedically touching A Safe Place to Hide

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Louise Johns’ A Safe Place to Hide sees the banality of office life at Silchester Publishing Ltd disturbingly suspended upon the entrance of a gunman to the building. With only an office door and makeshift barricade between the seven team members and the madman outside, the staff’s vulnerability exposes the intimacies … Read More