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Oscar Nominations Roundup: Best Supporting Actor & Actress

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The most wonderful time of the year is upon us yet again: Oscar season. There’s some obvious resentment circling the Academy this year, as it fails to answer the hopes for a more diverse collection of nominees in both gender and race. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that there are … Read More

Benedict Cumberbatch is rightly tipped for Oscar glory for his potrayal of genius Alan Turing

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Image: Black Bear Pictures A witty, poignant and powerful film, The Imitation Game handles its subject manner brilliantly, giving the viewer a look in to one of the true geniuses in British history: Mathematician and code-cracker Alan Turing. Much has been made of Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn as the anti-social mastermind, … Read More

Film | Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – Cool but clichéd

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Image: Paramount Pictures Chris Pine is the fourth actor to play Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan from the CIA. Unexpectedly though, Kenneth Branagh is the director. The recently knighted Shakespear veteran directs this fun action movie concerning the background of Jack Ryan and his eventual recruitment into the CIA. It’s like … Read More