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‘Rainbow’ by Kesha

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The first line that Kesha sings on ‘Rainbow’ is “I got too many people I got left to prove wrong.” And yet, the album suggests that she knows she owes nothing to anyone – in ‘Hymn’ she asserts “don’t need no forgiveness”, and in ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ she cries out … Read More

Single Review: Praying by Kesha

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When you think of Kesha, you think of glittery parties, glittery alcohol and glittery vomit. That’s not a slight to her — it was the image she put out when she released her first single, ‘TiK ToK’ back in 2010 when she still went by Ke$ha. Pop needs a party … Read More


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Heather Nash discusses what it means to be a woman in the music industry when your autonomy isn’t the top priority, and how it exposes those who are afraid to rock the boat.    If you haven’t heard – and aren’t already disgusted with life, the world, and the patriarchal … Read More

The Brit Awards: acceptance speeches allowed, as long as they’re not about equality

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Sexual abuse; at best it’s degrading, at worst, it can have physical and psychological implications for the rest of the victim’s life. Apparently, this is of no consequence to Ant and Dec, who, after Adele used her first acceptance speech at this year’s Brit awards to show support for Kesha’s … Read More