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100-tonne ‘Glitterberg’ blocks Leeds sewage system

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A huddled mass weighing one hundred tonnes – roughly the weight of a commercial aeroplane – is blocking part of Leeds’ underground sewage network. The Glitterberg is a congealed lump of glitter and Vaseline and is reportedly the first of its kind. The mass, roughly spanning the length of an … Read More

K[ale]-holing: the Cool debate

4 years ago / 0 comments

‘I read in Vogue,’ said my housemate ‘that it’s all different for us. Our parents’ generation took loads of drugs, so it’s just not cool anymore. We’ve replaced drugs with vegetables.’ Well this was fantastic news for me. I was still very much under the impression that drugs were cool, … Read More

City exposed as party drugs capital

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This week a BBC documentary has exposed Leeds as the party drugs capital of the UK. ‘Crazy for Party Drugs’ was aired on BBC3, following the stories of three young people in Leeds. Leeds Student spoke to Tony, who was featured in the documentary and regularly takes party drugs. He … Read More