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Enter Shikari @ Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse, 21/11

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Off the back of their fifth studio album, The Spark, Enter Shikari returned to Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse with yet another grandiose gesture of hard work and passion. Ten years on from their debut, Take To The Skies, on which they once professed “no sweat, no tears”, this contorted spectacle of … Read More

Sleaford Mods Say It How It is @ Beckett SU, 25/10

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Prior to their headline show at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, a tweet from the Sleaford Mods twitter account reads: “Town today awash with homeless folk. Desperate. Every time I go in it breaks my fuckin heart. The English murder game. Nothing changes.” On the back of their most recent album, English … Read More

‘Erased Tapes Is Ten ‘ Preview

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The 8th and 9th of September are certainly dates to put in the diary. The heart of UK arts, London’s Southbank Centre , will be accommodating an array of artists from Erased Tapes Records, as part of the label’s ten-year anniversary celebrations. The last ten years have seen the London-based … Read More

“Mental illness is not confined within a sound or by genre, it is everywhere”: Enter Shikari’s ‘Live Outside’

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Time and time again, rock finds itself in the same old position: a band, beloved for their heavy roots, venture into calmer waters and are subsequently scorned for it. Enter Shikari’s latest single, ‘Live Outside’, is no different. Criticism targets a lack of guitars, a chorus which drags on and … Read More