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The Deadly impact of hurricanes

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“One estimate states an astonishing $190 billion to repair the houses, infrastructure and the petrochemical plants around Houston. ” Over the summer, a stream of hurricanes have made their way through the Caribbean and contiguous US, causing devastation in their wake. These storms have given an unrelenting torrent of weather … Read More

Noble Nobel Prize Winners

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“For the greatest benefit to mankind” – Alfred Nobel For those who win Nobel prizes it is a moment of recognition for the contribution they have made to the world, whether it is through literature, peace or a scientific discovery. Alfred Nobel was the initiator of the Awards, a wealthy … Read More

The Saturn Exploration Saga Comes to an End

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The spacecraft Cassini was tasked with investigating Saturn in more detail and undertook missions to find out more about the planet and its many moons. It officially finished its most recent mission last month (September 15th) when it plummeted into Saturn’s atmosphere. Cassini started its first mission 10 years ago, … Read More

Ingenious Ig Nobel ceremony celebrates improbable research

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The Nobel Prize ceremony that we all know celebrates achievements in medicine, literature, peace and many more. The science that is typically portrayed in a Nobel Prize ceremony is that of a breakthrough ‘eureka’ moment where the scientist or research group cross significant scientific boundaries. However, there is one Nobel … Read More

Plastic Panic! How does synthetic waste affect the oceans?

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“There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, there is no away” Sir David Attenborough Plastics are almost in everything that we touch in our day to day lives. From our breakfast juice packaging to our cars, the … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Ecosia: is this the way to end deforestation?

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For obvious reasons, the issues surrounding deforestation will not vanish overnight. With Ecosia, though, the problem could shrink faster than the forests have. Ecosia is the search engine that claims to plant trees through searches. Their aim is to end deforestation; ad revenue goes towards the planting of new trees. … Read More

Trump Silences Science

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Although Donald Trump has been in power for just 2 weeks, he has already stopped 2 major departments from interacting with the public and the press. These gag orders have been placed on the Department of Agriculture for the US and also the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is imperative … Read More

Before the Flood

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‘Before the Flood’ is a documentary addressing the issues within climate change, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio with co-creator Fisher Stevens. Released on October 30th on the National Geographic channel, having spent 3 years in production. There was clear intent to highlight the urgency of climate change action before the presidential … Read More

One sixth of species snuffed out by 2100

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There have been 5 major extinctions in Earth’s history so far; each one has eliminated a huge number of species, taking millions of years to recover. The potential repercussions of recent predictions – that a sixth of species could be extinct by 2100 – are still not fully understood scientifically, … Read More

Honey, we shrunk the bees: bee population endangered

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Although bees are a vital part of our food chain their importance has often been overlooked. However, the recent acknowledgement by the USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service) – that seven bee species are now considered endangered – heralds a more conserving view towards bees and the protection of their … Read More