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Leeds Student Attacked At Headingley House Party [GRAPHIC]

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A University of Leeds student alleges he was stabbed, beaten and bitten in an “unprovoked” attack at a student house party in Headingley. Mitt Malhotra, 21, who studies Aviation Technology, says that he was targeted by at least three men just before 4.30am on Saturday, March 24, on Spring Road. … Read More

London’s knife problem: The rise of violence on the capital’s streets

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Violent knife crime has risen shockingly in the past year, with offences in London up more than 34% since 2016. According to new data obtained by the BBC, knife crime is increasing nationally yet police are prosecuting fewer cases. These figures show the extent of the problem, with this ‘epidemic’ ... Read More

News | Hyde Park knife attack

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A third year student has told LS of the terrifying moment he was mugged at knifepoint by a man in a balaclava. The 20 year old took the fateful decision to walk through Hyde Park at 4:30pm on Saturday, November 2 as it began to get dark. With headphones in … Read More

News | Student falls victim to knife attack

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A 21 year old woman, believed to be a student, has been mugged in Meanwood by two men using a knife. The victim was approached from behind by the attackers who cut the straps of her backpack with a knife. The girl sustained cuts to her hands and shoulder. The … Read More