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Kontra give HAAi a Vibrant Leeds debut

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There often seems to be a very unique atmosphere in clubs during weeknights, and in many ways mid-week clubbing can feel more carefree than it might do at the week’s end. Kontra’s first night at wire, which brought HAAi for her Leeds debut exemplified this perfectly; a no frills, unpretentious … Read More

Clubbing with a Conscience

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The Leeds nightlife scene caters for far more than just its attendees, with many events donating large quantities of money to charity. Editor-In-Chief Reece Parker gives us the run-down on such events. The morning after any enjoyable night out, you could be forgiven for thinking that clubbing never did anyone … Read More

Primal Sound w/ The Shapeshifters at Church 24/02

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If you haven’t been to an event at Church yet my only question for you is why the hell not? I was somewhat sceptical about raving in a Church. Part of it seemed exciting and the other just down right weird. But the aura of such a beautiful building counteracted … Read More