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Beware the Populist Who Attacks the Free Press

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“A FREE PRESS HAS FAR TOO OFTEN MEANT THE FREEDOM TO SPREAD LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS” Upon reading the above quote you could be forgiven for thinking it had escaped from the lips of the belligerent and capricious right-wing populist who currently resides in the White House. However, this disparaging of … Read More

In Defence of the Arts

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As the Labour Party recently pledged to provide an additional £160m a year for creative and cultural activities in primary schools, Caitlin Tilley argues for the importance of the arts’ place in the school curriculum. Sir Ken Robinson is the education expert who believes dance is as important as maths. … Read More

In Conversation With: Fabian Hamilton

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First running for Leeds North-East in 1992, Fabian Hamilton has held the seat since 1997. For the past twenty years, he’s worked tirelessly for the people of his constituency, earning his place in the shadow cabinet from 2016 with the new position of Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament. Editor-in-Chief … Read More

Bullying is bad – unless you’re a Tory

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Kane Emerson (Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

How Jeremy Corbyn has turned Labour into a pressure group

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Last week, a Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) meeting reportedly ended with a fierce argument between Jeremy Corbyn and members of the PLP. The specific nature of the dispute is not yet known. However, the disagreement was important enough for Corbyn to release a defensive yet painfully docile statement from what … Read More

Comment | Leeds Labour's dubious tactics

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Last year the Labour leader Ed Miliband vowed to end his party’s “machine politics” – a grubby, discredited means of political advancement that is often most prevalent among left-wing elites in search of self advancement. Specifically, he pledged to curtail “a politics that was closed, a politics of the machine, … Read More

Comment | Tony Benn dies – now our generation must carry the gauntlet

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Tony Benn’s personal impact has been enormous. My parents first met at a talk he gave at the University of London Union. As children, my sisters and I were taken to see him speak on many occasions. Growing up, his values, compassion and ideas deeply reinforced my politics. He has … Read More