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Oh, snap! May announces early election

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It is hardly a shock that Theresa May has today announced a snap election. If anything, it’s surprising that it has taken her this long. There are, of course, many factors that have led to this decision, but it appears that the final straw was the recent YouGov poll that … Read More

Corbyn struggling to Copeland

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Recently, Jeremy Corbyn attempted a political stunt by releasing his tax return and challenging the chancellor to do the same. On paper, it was a smart move, especially as Labour was in need of something to distract media attention away from its devastating loss in the Copeland by-election. This being … Read More

Coup number two

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Peter Mandelson, Labour Lord and former Labour MP, recently explained that “every single day” he is doing something small to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, to get rid of him as leader as soon as possible. John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, has now claimed that there is a new behind-the-scenes coup going on … Read More

Leeds council in turmoil

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Three Labour councillors have resigned in just eight days, citing a “toxic atmosphere”. Crossgates councillor Janette Walker joined Garforth members Mark Dobson and Sarah Field in forming a new local independent party. This is the third councillor to quit Leeds City Council’s Labour government in eight days, suggesting the administration … Read More

Campus Watch: Sussex University hosts staff workshops on ‘dealing with right-wing attitudes in the classroom’

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Officials at the university state that the event was aimed at helping staff act appropriately when faced with extreme views, such as racism or homophobia. The workshop was held for academic staff by one of the leading professors at the university and was well advertised around campus via posters, welcoming … Read More

Leicester’s Cheap Labour

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(Photo from : Huffington Post) Channel 4’s Dispatches uncovered the truths behind Britain’s cheap clothing. Factories supplying your favourite clothes high street brands such as River Island, New Look and online retailers Boohoo and Missguided have been exposed to be paying workers under half the minimum National Living Wage! Despite … Read More

Run to the Hil!

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On news of the death of Fidel Castro, Jeremy Corbyn called the dead dictator a “champion of social justice” who had a huge impact on socialism. What is going on in the Labour party? Is Corbyn some naff student politician who lacks any grasp on reality in praising a brutal … Read More

Political Party Clash: Central for Corbyn?

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MP for Leeds Central, Hilary Benn, has long been an opponent of the ever-popular Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Hilary Benn was one of the first casualties of Corbyn’s clean-up of his party, sacked as shadow foreign secretary and prompting a wave of MPs to resign in protest to Corbyn’s … Read More

An interview with Hilary Benn, MP

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The Gryphon sat down with Hilary Benn, Member of Parliament for Leeds Central, to discuss Trump, Brexit, and the state of the Labour Party. Sacked from his post of Shadow Foreign Secretary by Corbyn in June and now reportedly having to contend with the elections to his Leeds Central constituency … Read More

The Labour Dilemma: LLS Chair on why we must not forget the centre left

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Joshua had been a keen Labour supporter for most of his life and has this year taken up the position of Chair for the Leeds Labour society. He’s worked in Washington and Parliament, and campaigned hard with Ed Balls during the general election. Oisin Teevan talks to him here about … Read More