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Run to the Hil!

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On news of the death of Fidel Castro, Jeremy Corbyn called the dead dictator a “champion of social justice” who had a huge impact on socialism. What is going on in the Labour party? Is Corbyn some naff student politician who lacks any grasp on reality in praising a brutal … Read More

Political Party Clash: Central for Corbyn?

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MP for Leeds Central, Hilary Benn, has long been an opponent of the ever-popular Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Hilary Benn was one of the first casualties of Corbyn’s clean-up of his party, sacked as shadow foreign secretary and prompting a wave of MPs to resign in protest to Corbyn’s … Read More

An interview with Hilary Benn, MP

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The Gryphon sat down with Hilary Benn, Member of Parliament for Leeds Central, to discuss Trump, Brexit, and the state of the Labour Party. Sacked from his post of Shadow Foreign Secretary by Corbyn in June and now reportedly having to contend with the elections to his Leeds Central constituency … Read More

The Labour Dilemma: LLS Chair on why we must not forget the centre left

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Joshua had been a keen Labour supporter for most of his life and has this year taken up the position of Chair for the Leeds Labour society. He’s worked in Washington and Parliament, and campaigned hard with Ed Balls during the general election. Oisin Teevan talks to him here about … Read More

After Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory to retain leadership of the party, The Gryphon asks: is Labour doomed?

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Yes – Daniel J. Levy At his re-coronation as Labour’s leader on Saturday, Jeremy Corbyn pledged to draw a clean slate under his party’s bruising post-Brexit civil war. Old adversaries would be welcomed back into the fold, and hopefully Labour would go on to effectively challenge the hated Tories along … Read More

Left for dead: Why Labour must not forget the middle ground

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After consolidating his position following re-election, Jeremy Corbyn will be the man leading Labour into the next General Election. Buoyed by an even greater margin of victory, he and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell unveiled their vision for Britain with an ambitious £10-per-hour living wage and proclaimed their belief in an … Read More

The Left must confront its rampant anti-Semitism

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Anti-Semitism has always been an issue that has run rampant amongst the hard-left for a long, long time. However, often the Labour Party has been free of such an ugly disease – yet recently many student Labour clubs have seen a sudden rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric, often deployed by members … Read More

Proud to be ‘red’

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For anyone that knows me, the title would not seem at all out of place. As a Labour Party activist and huge Arsenal fan I am very used to shouting proudly about being a red. However, this time it is different. I am proud to be part of a ‘red’ … Read More

Labour, there is no virtue in division, only unity

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One of the greatest lessons yet to be learned is that a political party, of any colour, has to be united to stand even the remotest chance of winning. Robert Webb’s and other former Labour Party members’ denouncement of Jeremy Corbyn will, I expect, cause far more harm than good. … Read More

In The Spotlight: Leeds Labour Students

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This Week, The Gryphon interviews Leeds Labour Student’s External Canvassing Coordinator, Liron Velleman, to find out more about what the society has to offer. Leeds Labour Students has a long history of bringing together Labour-supporting students and fighting for Labour values. Campaigning for Labour candidates on and off campus, the … Read More