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Your Face it Has No Place: Where are Women Meant to Stand in a Scene Like Britpop?

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Are women welcome in the masculine sphere of Britpop? Digital Associate, Juliette Rowsell, discusses her experience at a Liam Gallagher concert that turned into a display of lad culture at its grittiest. When you think of Liam Gallagher, what do you think of? Cigarettes and alcohol? The epitome of the … Read More

University leaders call for new rules on sexual violence allegations

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In November 2015, a taskforce was set up to crack down on sexual violence on university campuses after Sajid Javid, the business secretary, ordered university vice-chancellors to investigate the “sexual and verbal assault” against women and sexist “lad culture” on campuses. The taskforce has recommended the overhaul of the much-criticised … Read More

LURUFC Players Banned After ‘Inappropriate’ Social Media Activity

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Three members of Leeds University Union’s Rugby Union Club have been handed a one week ban from matches and social events for ‘inappropriate’ behaviour on social media, with one of these members found to be responsible for publishing tweets of an offensive nature on the club’s official Twitter account. Tweets … Read More

The real rape joke.

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Warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault. If you feel like you want to discuss any issues raised, please visit the Student Counselling Centre, call Nightline, or Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL). Rape jokes are so prevalent in our daily lives, from jokes about “dropping the … Read More

LUU and NUS join forces to tackle Lad Culture on campus

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The National Union of Students (NUS) has announced that Leeds University Union is one of nine students’ unions to be participating in its Lad Culture Pilot Scheme. After conducting a Lad Culture Audit earlier this year, NUS found a serious lack of support and services to help those affected by … Read More

Union tackle lad culture

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Students went head-to-head on Thursday to tackle the controversial topic of lad culture.The question, ‘Is lad culture ruining our generation today?’ was debated by a panel of six students, including representatives from LUU FemSoc and mental health campaigners.The event was hosted by Re-Thinkers, a new LUU society which urges students … Read More

Comment | An end to LAD culture

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Lad culture is a club promoter asking young men to explain the details of how they intend to “violate a fresher tonight”. The crude misogyny that characterises it so conclusively courses through the response: ‘she’s gonna get raped’. Lad culture warns young women that ‘there are cages’ inside the club. … Read More

Comment | Rape Is No Joke

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There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and the flogging of tat though salacious adverts. As my generation are primary targets for sexualised marketing, we are no strangers to sexual images. However, there comes a point when using sexuality and promiscuity as a means of advertising oversteps the already … Read More

‘That’s what she said’: ‘lad culture’ on our campus

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In March 2013 the NUS issued a report called ‘That’s what she said: women’s experiences of ‘lad culture’ in higher education’. Based on interviews with 40 female students, it was prompted by the NUS Hidden Marks research report, which found that one in seven female students had experienced serious physical … Read More

Comment: “Our campus has not escaped the ‘lad culture’ identified by the NUS”

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‘Lad culture’ is epitomised by websites such as ‘UniLAD and ‘the Lad Bible’ through offensive and misogynistic photos and jokes, and has been linked to the amount of harassment and assault experienced by students. The prevalence of this culture among our peers on campus and online is also linked to … Read More