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Languages Facing Extinction: How Leeds is Saving Endangered Tongues

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Alongside the loss of animals and plant species across Earth, another epidemic is happening at an alarming rate: the mass extinction of endangered languages. An endangered language has very few speakers remaining and language death occurs when the last remaining speaker dies. In the past, there have been instances where … Read More

Job prospects across the Channel – are languages the future?

2 years ago / 0 comments

In an increasingly globalised and competitive job market, what can students do to help them stand out within a sea of applicants for a limited number of jobs? The answer: learn a foreign language. With this in mind, I travelled to Germany in July to complete a four-week course in … Read More

Bilingualism’s benefits outweigh pitfalls

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Until the first half of the 20th century, bilingualism was thought to be the reason for children having communication problems such as delayed speech and confusion between languages. According to other myths and misinterpretations being exposed to two languages damages the academic proficiency of the child. Although bilingual speakers of … Read More

Blogs | The Gouda Life

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I have just returned to the Netherlands after a five-week break. I ate a lot of festive foods and caught up with friends but spent a disturbingly large amount of time hanging around my cat Daisy telling her my secrets and imagining her replies. I live in the South of … Read More

Languages: I love ‘em!

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If you go down to the Language Centre today, you’re sure to find a big surprise: students, and lots of them! All nationalities and abilities, studying electives, and, heaven forbid, actual degrees, in langauge! ¡Dios mío! Think the whole world is able to ‘speaky the English’? You are very much … Read More