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Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is the latest sign America’s democratic system is degrading

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The Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have diverted attention from midterm election campaigns across the country over the last month and been the focus of many a political pundit. While Supreme Court picks often generate substantial media buzz given the importance of highest court in America, this … Read More

Joint Enterprise: Law and Disorder in the UK

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In 2014, Alex Henry was convicted of murder by a law called ‘Joint Enterprise’. The basic premise of his case is as follows: Alex and his friend Cameron – whom he had befriended not long before the crime took place -  were walking home when they saw another of Alex’s ... Read More


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A speech by Tory MP Amber Rudd last week announced a new – and long overdue – initiative, to try to rein in the acid attacks that have become endemic in London. The stipulations of the intended legislation would ban people carrying acid in public places “without good reason”, and … Read More

Hands off! Why the new porn legislation is wrong

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In an attempt to sanitise the British public, face-sitting, physical restraint, female ejaculation and spanking will all be eradicated from pornography in Britain, both online and in films available in sex shops. The ban will impose great restrictions on the UK adult film industry, but videos made outside Britain may … Read More

Comment | The justice system, no justice for victims

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This week the hyper-lenient sentence given to Lewis Gill hit the news. Lewis Gill’s almost entirely unprovoked attack on Andrew Young in Bournemouth last year was the result of the victim merely telling off Gill’s friend. Gill’s friend was riding his bicycle on the pavement and Gill lashed out and … Read More

Debate | Should drugs be legalised?

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Last week, in an interview on Channel 4, Russell Brand continued his rampage against the establishment, this time focusing on our current drug laws, the so-called ‘war on drugs’. He suggested that “people don’t want drugs to be illegal anymore, they don’t want their heads of politicians buried in the … Read More

Photojournal | Staff on strike – "It's the last resort today"

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“What’s twenty times six?” asks Ann Blair, law lecturer and President of University of Leeds University and College Union (UCU). “One hundred and twenty”. “Well. That’s how many mince pies I’ve been distributing on the picket lines this morning.” It’s a good effort: hundreds of lecturers, administrators and various support … Read More

Comment | Bands in the Hands of the Fans

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Last week saw the fifth birthday of the popular music streaming service Spotify. This half-decade has seen radical changes in how we access music, with pay monthly streaming sites now becoming more favourable than downloading individual songs and albums. In this time Spotify has rapidly developed. When it reached the … Read More

Legally High

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Colombia is considering decriminalising Ecstasy as a way of aiding its ongoing war on drugs. This week Big Debate asks, should the UK decriminalise drugs to gain control over its drug culture?       NO: Melissa McDonald Although its aims have pressing importance and seek to put drug-use and trafficking in … Read More

Triggering Gun Control

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Urging for changes to gun laws, Obama has proposed a range of measures such as tougher background checks and a ban on assault weapons. This week Big Debate asks, are tighter gun laws the best way to combat shootings in the U.S? YES: Ruby Lott-Lavigna There is no doubt that … Read More