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Meet this Year’s Leadership Race Candidates

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Time for a living wage at LUU?

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A recent information pack issued by Leeds University Union to all Leadership Race candidates has revealed that the biggest concern facing students during their first term at university was “money and finances”, overtaking 2014/15’s top worry of “work/life balance”. In addition, 85% of students rank “Improving the living wage” as … Read More

Over 7000 vote in Exec & Gryphon elections

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A total of 7744 students cast their vote in this year’s leadership race, a slight decrease from the 8,488 students that voted last year, despite the voting period being extended by three days. More first years voted that any other year of study, with 41% of freshers taking part, compared … Read More

Record Nominations in LUU Leadership Race

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With nominations closing today in the Leeds University Union Leadership Race, LUU have confirmed that this year has seen a bumper number of nominations and applications for all positions. Positions include Union Affairs Officer, Welfare Officer, Equality & Diversity Officer, Education Officer, Community Officer and Activities Officer, as well as … Read More

Corbyn: Labour’s route to identity?

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Jeremy Corbyn, maverick MP for Islington North since 1983, has dominated headlines this week as private polls suggest he could surprise the bookies to emerge victorious in the Labour leadership contest. The already 5-time parliamentary Beard of the Year winner has garnered a sudden rush of political support, mainly because … Read More

Our statement on Sunday night’s email from your Union Affairs Officer

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Dear all, Last night your Union Affairs officer sent every society on campus an email (the full text of which will be printed below this statement) trying to persuade you to vote in a particular fashion. We will be taking further action to address this issue. However, for now allow me to … Read More

Leadership Race results announced

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The Leadership Race has drawn to a close with the announcement of the new Gryphon Editor and Student Exec. Results from the four-day election were announced to a packed Union foyer on Friday evening. A total 8,488 students voted in the Leadership Race this year to elect seven candidates who … Read More

Free speech on campus: the fight is closer to home than you thought

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The liberty of an individual within society is always limited. For society to function, there must exist a degree of oppression on an industrial scale and repression on an individual scale. People cannot simply be left to do as they please. Speech then, or the ability to express oneself, is … Read More

Editorial candidate interview: Ben Cook

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Why should students vote for you? It’s a great opportunity and I want to give something back to the students here. I want to make sure The Gryphon helps the students of Leeds get their voices heard and hold both the Union and the University to account. I have experience with a … Read More

Editorial candidate interview: Ste Topping

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Why do you want to be Editor? I’m really passionate about the paper. I’ve been working on it since the start of my time at Leeds. When I got here, it was the only stall I wanted to go to at the Fresher’s Fair and even then, I knew this … Read More